What Makes a Leader Unique: DNA of a Leader

“A good mentor will teach you how to think, not what to think.” Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce.

There are some who fall apart during a crisis, and then there are those who stand strong and meet the crisis head first. It is this quality that makes a leader stand apart from the group he or she leads; and to become that leader, individuals need to have some special qualities such as the ability to think quickly and uniquely during any situation and the confidence to take a risk, when required. Research shows that while these qualities are innate in some, others develop it over a period of time, with the right guidance and practice. At Connect4myCoach, we have elite coaches who offer one-on-one or group sessions on Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Technical Coaching, Career Coaching and Life Coaching. With their expert guidance, we are sure that you can also train yourself to become a unique leader, with specially programmed DNA that will help you shine through any crisis.

As part of our research, we came across this interesting report from Deloitte titled Leadership in the times of COVID-19, published in 2020. The report claims that “… the DNA of leaders is their ability to think, act, and interact differently. When the situation is that of a crisis, the accent on these asks from leaders is even more heightened.” Based on the report, the special features that make up the DNA of a Leader include:

Key Findings from the Report

1. Owning the narrative
2. Giving importance to the mission
3. Being able to think emotionally and logically
4. Choosing agility over grace
5. Focusing on the big picture 

The transition from a follower to a bold, effective leader happens when you start:

Thinking Differently
1. Based on the seriousness of the situation
2. With the ability to use different perspectives
3. While being open to trying new things and changing the status quo

Reacting Differently
1. While never losing the passion for success
2. By being strong and resilient
3. While being ready to take risks and spur of the moment decisions

Interacting Differently
1. By prioritizing people over business (inclusivity, belief and trust in the team)
2. By being able to work with everyone flexibly (strong bonds with team members)
3. By leading from the front, being authentic, and confident

At Connect4myCoach, we strongly believe that these are qualities that every individual should strive to practice and when that is achieved, leadership can be present not just in the upper rungs of an organization, but at all levels. Everyone can be an effective leader, you just have to know what it takes to become one and persevere in the right direction. Do that and soon you’ll realize that you have created the DNA of a leader in yourself.

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