For Startups

  • We help Startups with Curation, Evaluation, and Mentoring for their Fundraising.
  • We help Startups to Fundraise from Individual Investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists (VCs), Corporate VCs (CVC), and family Offices.

For Investors

  • We help Investors (Individual Investors, Angel Investors | Syndicate Angels, Venture Capitalists (VCs), Corporate VCs (CVC), and Family Offices) to invest in Startups based on their portfolio and investment stage.
  • We help investors with their scouting and due diligence process.


We have partnered with many Incubation Centers, Business Incubators, and Acceleration Centers across India.

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How does Connect2Investors Demo Day work?


Submit your application. We are accepting all the sectors.


Our Evaluation Process is based on your Focal Point, Years of Startup Established, Valuation, Tech Stack, and Traction.


We assign Mentors, Coaches, and MentorCoaches.

Demo Pitch Ready

We will coach you to pitch in front of the Investors.


Networking with Startups, Mentors, Incubators, and Executives.

Demo Day

Top Startups from each sector will pitch in front of the Investors.


Our Panel of Juries are Angel Investors, VCs, Board Advisors, Entrepreneurs, and C-Suite Executives.


Our Investors will fund your Startup.


Top Startups from each sector will get the Rewards.


Governing and Advisory Councils


Who can apply

We invite all Indian Startups across all sectors
from the Seed stage to the Growth stage.

Sector Agnostic

  • MedTech | HealthTech | BioTech.
  • FinTech | Insurtech | RegTech.
  • IT Tech | Deep-Tech | AdTech | High-Tech | EnergyTech.
  • EdTech | PropTech | RetailTech | Mediatech | EntrepriseTech.
  • GreenTech | FoodTech | AgriTech | CleanTech | Consumer services.
  • Rural/Tribal Entrepreneurship | Women Entrepreneurship | FemTech.
  • FutureTech (Metaverse, XR, Blockchain, 5G, VR Gaming)

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Free Application Fee

Apply on our application form and it is Free for all Startups from all sectors across India.

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Why Apply?

  • Global Connect and Global Networking
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Domain Expertise
  • Startup Education
  • Government Support
  • US Universities Support
  • Media’s PR Support
  • Grants Support

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Startup Stages

Stages Of Startup Focal Point Funding Sources Years of Startup established


Market Validation
Grants, Incubators funds, Micro VCs, Crowdfunding. Less than 1 Year


Prototype & MVP (Seed) Grants, Incubators funds, Micro VCs, Crowdfunding, Bank Loans, Angel Investors. 3 months – 2 Years
Early Traction

Early Traction

Product Market Fit (PMF)
(Pre-series A)
Grants, Incubators funds, Micro VCs, Crowdfunding, Bank Loans, Angel Investors and venture capitals 1-3 Years


Revenue Growth
(Series A)
Grants, Incubators funds, Micro VCs, Crowdfunding, Bank Loans, Angel Investors and venture capitals, Investment banks, Hedge fund, Private equity. 2-4 Years
Growth Scale-up


All Growth
(Series B)
Grants, Incubators funds, Micro VCs, Crowdfunding, Bank Loans, Angel Investors and venture capitals, Investment banks, Hedge fund, Private equity. > 4 Years


Geographies Expansion
(Series C)
VCs, Banks, Hedge Fund, Private Equity >5 Years

Mentor Coaching &
Startup Coaching

Each participating Startup will get its own Mentor for One-on-One Mentoring. Mentors are Investors, Successful Entrepreneurs, Serail Entrepreneurs, Board Advisors, and C-Suite Executives from Startups & top Corporates from USA and India.

Mentoring and Workshops will advise, guide, and train you to pitch in front of the investors.

  • Leadership and Startup CEO Coaching
  • Advise and Guidance.
  • Domain Expertise Mentoring
  • Story Telling
  • Pitch Perfect and Elevator Pitch Mentoring
  • Product-Market Fit (PMF) Mentoring
  • Business Model and Revenue Model Mentoring
  • Financial Planning Mentoring
  • Sales & Marketing Mentoring (GTM)
  • Tech Stack Mentoring
  • Funding Strategies Mentoring

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Perfect your Pitch

We will conduct a series of Workshops on different topics like Pitch Perfect, Elevator Pitch, Product-Market Fit, Business Model, Revenue Model, Financial Planning, Sales & Marketing, Tech Stack, and Funding for Pitch Ready.
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  • Networking with Startups.
  • Networking with Mentors, Mentor Coaches, Coaches, Advisors and Investors across the Globe.
  • Networking with India & US (Silicon Valley, New York & Seattle) Startup Entrepreneurs and Investors.
  • Networking with Global Startup Entrepreneurs and Investors.
  • Corporate Leaders/CXOs Connections.
  • Government Officials Connections.

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Exciting Rewards

  • Shortlisted Startups from each Sector
  • Cloud Credits
  • Video Platform Credits
  • Payment Gateway Credits
  • Business & Collaboration Tools Credits
  • CRM Credits
  • SMS Credits

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We have Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Bronze sponsorship categories.

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Connect2Investors Exhibits

It provides an excellent opportunity to expand the reach of your products or services to potential Customers, Investors, Startups, prospective Hires, Students, and Media outlets.

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Investors and Partners

We have partnered with many Incubation Centers, Business Incubators, and Acceleration Centers across India.

Ecosystem Partners

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