Emotional Intelligence in Power Branding

The emotional roller coaster; the manner you manage your feelings, determine the way your personal brand is valued, and, in turn, your overall #careergrowth.

What is Be-Do-Have philosophy all about? What is the connection here with your #powerbranding?

Let me share an experience with two different personalities.

Scene I

“Be Authentic…..saying it is easy Suba, being there on that chair, grinding the same thing again, again, again…that too, when people around you want to eat you alive, is not easy… book reading, motivational speeches help here…..”

It was the follow-up session with a client while working on his personal branding strategy. As we were discussing on achieving the first milestone, he blurted out; his eyes were blank. He was mocking my definition of personal branding – ‘Create your Authenticity.’ The mocking tone alerted my ‘listening antennas’ to go up, and, I started observing him keenly.

The lock-down has indeed toned up my observation ability; yes, the physical distancing enhances the way other senses work.

Further probing led us towards his delegating capability which needed a lot re-wiring. Nevertheless, to say, we closed the session with him gaining appropriate clarity on what exactly I mean by ‘authenticity’ and how ‘creating an authentic personal brand’ is an in-depth and continuous process.

Scene II

“Madam, I am planning to leave my job and shifting to my village in 3 months. Schools are closed; my children were getting two times meal in school, now my life is a mess. I am not sure when the schools will open again, no point in sitting here and worrying. I will get a job in the farmhouse or somewhere in my village,” when my house helper told me yesterday, I kept quiet with the response, “let’s see.”

Today, I asked her decision of shifting the family; tears started rolling down. “I never wanted my children to lead a life like mine. I want them to study well and go to big jobs. But, now the younger one is always playing, not studying.”

Further probing, helped both of us to realize what exactly is bothering her. It is the education of the kids which is bothering her mind. I told her how I view it as a ‘course correction’ in our kids’ lives. I shared the #gratitude journey which has been helping me in many ways.

I showed her my gratitude diary where I had thanked her in different days; again tears but accompanied with a smile this time.

Emotions, if not handled well, will lead to taking the wrong decisions, right?

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence in Personal Branding

Emotional management takes a higher stance on different levels. There are various positive emotions like courage, confidence, humility, joy and happiness lead to consciously thinking, communicating and collaborating. The manner you manage your feelings, determine the way your personal brand is valued, and, in turn, your overall growth.

The emotional roller coaster of people from different walks of life reminded a learning from recent times. I attended a session conducted by Sridhar Chitraju during an inner circle meet in #Tilt, the India Leadership Think Tank, the Leadership Forum that I am part of. Sridhar took us all through thought-provoking session on ‘Be-Do-Have’ model – as a Receipt to Success.

Our attitude and mind-shift contribute majorly to the way we think, behave, communicate, and react to life events, ultimately, achieving happiness.

What is Be-Do-Have philosophy all about?

Be-Do-Have Model for Career Growth
Three attributes such as ‘Have,’ ‘Do,’ and ‘Be’ work differently when we use in certain permutation combination and impact the value of human potential. Let’s look at it…..

Have-Do-Be: ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ mindset dominate these personalities. They tend to shift the focus on the reasons why something ‘do not work.’ They end up ‘complaining’ and ‘cribbing’ about life, ‘accountability’ brings in bitterness in their lives.

Do-Have-Be: The ‘If only I do more’ mentality dominates these personalities. You will see some winners too in this category with all the ‘to-do list’ checked but they will always be ‘tensed’ and face issues in sustenance. ‘Perfection’ becomes a weakness here.

Be-Do-Have: The ‘winner’ mentality dominates these personalities. The sustenance, especially, in the VUCA scenario, becomes possible as these winners are more relaxed. They ‘be’ as ‘winners’ and keep ‘doing’ what they need to do with what they ‘have.’ ‘Reinvention’ is a cakewalk for them.

What do we take away here?

You may see different personalities popping out during various circumstances from within; if you observe carefully, the emotional management works like your brain here, in deciding which ‘personality’ to be let outside.

How do you deal with these personalities when they pop out?

What is your take away from my client?

How do you think my house helper should manage the decision ahead?